Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf

Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf

No Pockets, No Worries! 

Looking for the same silky soft bamboo fabric from our hoodies? You'll find it in our beautiful Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf.


  • Our Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf has a hidden pocket to allow you to stash away a passport, credit cards, even a smartphone!

  • Made for travel and everyday! This silky soft scarf can give you a more modest look with low necklines or be worn looped over your head as a sun shade or privacy cover

  • Take it along with you to sporting events, concerts, helping to reduce the chance of loss or theft of your stuff!


    • Made from a bamboo blend, the fabric will help keep you cool and dry as it wicks away moisture from your skin

    • Made from 66% Rayon from Bamboo, 28% Cotton, & 6% Spandex, Feather Jersey 

    • 60” circle x 18” wide, double layer, comfortably wraps the neckline twice

    • Proudly Handmade in California

    • Oeko Tex-100 certified​    

  made in usamade in a free world

 How to wear an Infinity Scarf


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