Our Story

About Kaikuna:

Globally Inspired, Locally Made Active Wear
Based in Santa Clara, California, Kaikuna offers you “Made in California” travel friendly and functional active wear: Top quality, easy to care for, and versatile.  

Mindful Manufacturing: Our initial goal is to supply made in the USA garments that give you an opportunity to directly support the American economy and revitalize work for local tradespeople and artisans. Kaikuna creates their garments with local San Francisco, California labor.  

Kaikuna also works to support the growth of more environmentally healthy Textile and Clothing Industry practices. We intentionally research and use components made locally and organically whenever available and promote like-minded clothing manufacturers.

Kaikuna gives you an opportunity to choose more ethically manufactured products. We are thrilled to be contributing to 1% For The Planet.

About Us:

The idea was simple, really: make stuff locally and make it to last; support the communities that we are a part of; follow our passions. So...how did we come to be here, making and selling clothing?
Well... It all began with a Volkswagon Van.

Adventure. Risk. Excitement. Growth.

Stepping off of the Cliff. Finding out what this planet has to offer.     

Allan and Julie met over a VW Van - his, to be honest. He’d pieced it together from two or three old vans. She loved it, and found him to be equally engaging and exciting. She hopped in, swooned by his kiss and promise of adventure, and off they went to travel the world and create beauty together. (corny but true)

20 years (and several vans) later, they are still jumping off cliffs. The most recent being the creation of Kaikuna, a clothing company founded with the simple goals of following passions, supporting the betterment of a healthy planet, and giving back.

Wear Ever You Go: Be yourself. Live well. Give from within and let good things boomerang back.  

Bring your favorite Kaikuna wherever you go